Our Mission


Innovate, develop and manufacture products and solutions for oilhydraulic circuits and lifting systems using technologies that allows the Customer to be satisfied.

Create social-economic that also allow the welfare of employees, the return of capital investment and keep the family and maintain the family environment built over the history of ABER.


Our Vision


Be the international reference aligned with the best practices of the market, with constant innovation assuming the identity recognized in technical expertise through an excellent service provided to its Customers.




Add value in a competitive distinctive and innovative way in perfect harmony with the tradition and know-how of the company.

Effort for the continued success of the company. It is necessary for the welfare of ABER.

Respect by initiative and respect by appreciation.

A competitive and healthy spirit within of the company.

Constant quality control in all processes: Suppliers; receiving the products in ABER; during the production process; final test.


Quality Policy


We work continuously to certify our products, procedures and personnel, worldwide. Based on our stated Quality Policy, we strive to satisfy numerous standards and certification schemes from all over the globe.

All of the products engineering develops require certification testing and certification body approval.


Certified Quality System


ABER has a Quality Management System certified according to ISO 9001 by APCER since 2002. ABER runs a process oriented business. The processes are the basis for our quality management system, which also include our environmental management system.

The targets of the processes are linked to the overall targets of ABER  in order to achieve satisfied customers.

The policy adopted by ABER,  Lda. reflect the Group’s commitments to its stakeholders, in addition to focusing on strategic, sustainable development. The Group ultimately aspires to achieving a leading position in all sectors and markets where it operates, by standing out from its competitors and developing solutions able to create value for customers and shareholders.

We believe it is essential to implement and maintain an integrated quality management system, such as to define concrete methodologies, applicable across the entire Company, that will lead to greater autonomy and promote communication between employees.

We are also convinced that our continuous efforts to improve processes and management systems will improve performance across the Company and drive business growth.

The policy is reviewed whenever it is deemed not to reflect Management System standards and guidelines. Goals and targets are defined on a yearly basis, in accordance with the principles and policy described above.


Product Certification


All of our products are CE Mark tested and certified so that they meet the strictest European Norms and Standards.

These standards assure compliance to radiated and conducted Electromagnetic emissions, as well as power supply safety requirements. We have the test equipment to perform most of the CE Mark Certification and develop our own technical report for this certification. The tests that we are able to perform in-house includes; EN 55011, EN5022, IEC1000-4(-2,-4), EN 61010 EN60950.


Environmental Policy


The ABER environmental management system was certified according to EN ISO 14001:2004 in June 2011.

The environmental aspects are a natural part in all decisions made.

  • We fulfill or surpass laws and regulations
  • We strive to reduce the consumption of energy and water
  • Accidents and illness is prevented at our workplace
  • We take the full life of the product into account in our product development

All employees contribute to the creation and maintenance of a good environment. This is ensured through a daily environmental consideration, for instance through energy savings and sorting of waste.